The hub for everything in recruitment tech

The hub for everything in recruitment tech

Today’s ETZ marks the culmination of 20 years of steady evolution. It started with using our understanding of the workflow for processing paper timesheets to create an online timesheet solution. Shrinking this long winded, labour intensive process, prone to fraud and inaccuracy, gave agencies the power to generate an error-free invoice in less than 60 seconds. This remains the foundation stone of what we do today.

Now, ETZ has reached the point where it acts as the hub for everything in recruitment tech. Whether it is considerations such as CRM, umbrella services or payments, ETZ has got it covered. We build where we need to or plug in existing best-of-breed software from third parties using APIs. Where greater interoperability is required, we work to develop deeper integration.

Remaining ahead of the curve

Remaining ahead of the curve

Key elements of our development strategy include continually identifying opportunities to automate processes, interweaving tools to manage industry compliance requirements, and dispensing with paper wherever possible.

The influence of newly emerging and developing technologies such as FinTech, personal data vaulting and open banking services is likely to be deep and wide ranging. You can be sure the evolutionary process that drives ETZ will continue to power our development of innovative tech and service offerings. Our aim is to be a leader, remaining ahead of the curve to provide a platform that benefits all participants in the contract and freelance recruitment market.

Why ETZ?

  • We’ve been solely focused on creating the best recruitment back office software since 2000
  • We process millions of timesheets and payments a year
  • This experience gives us an in depth understanding of recruitment software and the recruitment industry
  • First-class service from our dedicated support team and online Knowledge Base provides access to all the help you need to get the best out of our recruitment solution
  • Hundreds of agencies globally would provide a positive reference on how ETZ helps them
  • Our growth is powered by success proving that what we do works

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