Feature rich yet amazingly simple

Feature rich yet amazingly simple

ETZ streamlines recruitment agencies’ back office processes. Built for recruitment businesses of all sizes ETZ is market leading technology that provides a paperless timesheet and automated invoicing system that integrates with your software.

It’s the most powerful back office solution on the planet!

Turn a timesheet into an invoice (and then get paid) in 60 seconds

ETZ is incredibly powerful: from timesheet submission to invoice creation and payment in just 60 seconds, ETZ condenses a business process which could formerly have taken days to complete and many man hours to operate to seconds.

Streamlining recruitment's back office

Accept timesheets in any format

Accept timesheets in any format

Online, offline, scanned, faxed, photo, imported from client systems or our barcoded paper timesheets, it's easy to submit and process timesheets in any format.

Create one invoice or a thousand at the click of a button

Email accurately calculated invoices straight to your client with attached copies of signed timesheets, fully integrated with Xero, QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

Enforce contract terms with rules-based timesheets

Set rules to configure candidate or contractor accounts so timesheets match contract terms such as hours worked, overtime or holiday time.

Automated overtime calculations

Candidates and contractors simply submit their hours and the timesheet solution does the maths for you.

Multi-currency ready

Timesheets hours can be billed in any currency making it perfect for international recruitment operations.

See and chase overdue timesheets with ease

Get a real-time view of overdue timesheets which lets you chase a single timesheet or a hundred with one single click, sent out via a text and email.

Expenses and timesheets all in one solution

Integrate contractor expenses and manage them alongside timesheets, invoices and contractor payments.

Get paid quicker

Speeds up cash flow from clients to both your agency and contractors and temps. Watch out for new payment solutions coming soon from ETZ.

Professional, secure and builds your brand

Online software branded for your company

Project a consistently professional image to your clients, candidates and contractors that sets you apart from your competitors with online timesheets branded to match your invoices.

Cloud hosted – use on any device, anywhere

Candidates love that timesheets can be submitted on any device, anywhere in the world. And you can do the same when processing timesheets.

ETZSign 100% secure timesheet signing without passwords

Email alerts with secure links prompt clients that timesheets need to be approved and provide encrypted links allowing access and approval in a few clicks, even without a username and password.

Make better decisions faster and locks in compliance

Real time Reporting and Management Information

Reporting delivers management information and provides a real time view of the analytics you need to manage your business in a fast moving world.

Global HR compliance with Contract and Document Management

Store required documentation or create contracts and use ETZSign secure online signing in conjunction with rules to manage compliance in line with local demands across the world.

Guarantees compliance for recruiters

Compliance-at-a-glance traffic light system, in conjunction with rules, provide an instant indication of each candidate’s status and prevents accidental compliance failure.

Australian Privacy Act compliant

Supports the Australian Privacy Act regulations around the collection, storage, access, use and disclosure of candidate and client personal information.

Take the time out of timesheets and pain out of payments

“ETZ helps save a lot of admin time, and it enables me to focus on my other responsibilities. The time saved allows more focus on the tasks that help generate revenue. Frankly, I couldn’t recommend...
Jag Manku Venari
“ETZ helps us to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves on by effectively linking all our key business areas together, from documentation compliance and timesheet management, to invoicing and payment processing.”
Andrew Papadopoulos Cognitive Group
“ETZ demonstrated a perfect understanding of Ampersand’s needs. ETZ fully integrates with the systems that Ampersand already has in place without competing or conflicting. It proved competitive on price and quick to set up and...
Leah Towers Ampersand

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