Simplify expense submission and processing

Use simple expense recording within timesheets or choose a more comprehensive approach for expense management to obtain greater control. Whether your expenses are straightforward or you need more detail, we’ve got it covered.

Flexible expenses input options

Select from a single line of expenses or detailed expenses with single rate or multiple rate codes.

Simple expenses included with timesheets

Basic expense management is included with ETZ or you can opt for detailed itemisation with single and multiple rate codes.

Submit expenses through the candidate portal

Get more comprehensive expense management by subscribing and using detailed expense sheets, accessed via a tab in the candidate portal.

Support for single and multi item rate code

Limit expense claims to one type of cost per form, or allow multiple lines for each type, such as mileage, food or anything else.

Sync timesheet, expenses and invoicing

Sync timesheet, expenses and invoicing

Unify agency back office admin by running timesheets and expense management side-by-side to simplify admin, with the added flexibility of invoicing each separately.

Save time

Save time

Submit expenses with timesheets together to a signatory for authorisation in one go to accelerate the process and reduce back office administration.

What our customers say about ETZ

"Working with ETZ for the last three years and ongoing has been an amazing experience. ETZ has made timesheet management and invoicing so much simpler for our business, with its user-friendly interface and seamless integration...
Mansha Barar 7R Talent
“ETZ helps us to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves on by effectively linking all our key business areas together, from documentation compliance and timesheet management, to invoicing and payment processing.”
Andrew Papadopoulos Cognitive Group
“ETZ helps save a lot of admin time, and it enables me to focus on my other responsibilities. The time saved allows more focus on the tasks that help generate revenue. Frankly, I couldn’t recommend...
Jag Manku Venari

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ETZ provides a full stack of software for recruitment agencies.

ETZ Timesheets

ETZ Timesheets

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Key Features

  • Online and paper timesheets
  • Enforce terms with rules
  • Chase timesheets with ease
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ETZ Invoices

ETZ Invoices

Improve cash flow and get paid faster. Send 1,000 invoices with one click.

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  • Auto create from timesheet
  • One click to create multiple
  • Get paid quicker
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ETZ Comply

ETZ Comply

Boost your onboarding performance and candidate compliance.

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  • HMRC ready data
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETZ Timesheets?
ETZ timesheets is timesheet management software designed for recruitment agencies, it’s available as part of ETZ’s recruitment tech stack.

What format can we submit timesheets in?
Online, offline, typed, handwritten, scanned, faxed, photo, imported from client systems or barcoded timesheets. It’s easy to submit and process timesheets in any format.

Is it possible to see when a timesheet was signed/received/validated?
Yes, you can look at the timesheet history to find out more information about each timesheet.

Can I amend a processed timesheet?
Yes it is possible to amend a timesheet on ETZ at any stage of the process, but you should always consider whether it is appropriate to do so.

Can we integrate with our existing software?
Yes, we partner with some of the most popular software. Find out more here.

Can we create custom timesheets per account?
Yes, you can set up different templates and rules for each of your candidate or client accounts.

Can we use multiple currencies for different timesheets?
Yes, timesheets hours can be submitted and billed in any currency.

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