23rd February 2018

Doing the maths: The interesting and confusing world or data-driven recruitment headlines


Recruitment sector headline news both contradictory and complementary

OK, so there is some interesting headline news in and around the rec sector. Many are statistically-driven and they are often thought provoking. However, when we read them and consider how they fit together, they might appear to be both contradictory and complementary at the same time.
Consider these examples:

If we view them as contradictory, are we simply missing the point and not getting ‘it’? Or are they really isolated data points that have been framed so as to be sensationalist and are not relevant? Or are they simply meaningless on their own without wider context?
Well, yes, all of the above!

Lies, damned lies and statistics!

The truth is, no data point can be taken to be an absolute fact. They can only be read as indicative.
One thing we can be certain of is that there are not enough qualified applicants. And faced with such a skills shortage how do recruiters fill their pipes?
With so few workers getting satisfaction from their current job, there should be no shortage of candidates. The problem with that assumption is, do those workers that are unhappy with their current jobs have the right skills to apply for one of the record number of vacancies?
There is also the assertion that many ‘job seekers’ are passive. While the idea is certainly true that some potential candidates are open to persuasion, for others, persuasion would have to be truly compelling, most likely in the shape of a significant benefit, because the truth may be that they are happy, settled and have their lives set up around their current role.
Head hunting at the executive end of the market makes sense, however, to operate like this en-masse to the wider employment market is simply not feasible.

Enter digital

As with many such conundrums in today’s world, technology may provide a significant way forward.
There are a number of factors that determine whether a recruitment firm is successful. One of the measures is how well a recruitment business leverages technology. There is little doubt that a joined up technology strategy which integrates digital communication channels has a part to play in filling the pipe.
Effectively designed messaging and campaigning is one of the most powerful tools available for stimulating passive job seekers and turning idea of making a change into action. The need is for a friction-less application process which is effected with technology and that is cloud and mobile capable so the busy people in work find it as easy and convenient as possible.

An effective back office technology strategy with ETZ

Besides front of house systems designed to fill the pipe and manage applications, the most successful recruiters are likely to leverage back office technology as part of their technology strategy.
ETZ recruitment back office integration provides solutions that reduce the costs of timesheet processing by up to 85%. Through process efficiency which eliminates time-consuming manual tasks with automated processing ETZ help you achieve a super-efficient digital workflow that integrates your existing software and processes.
To find out more about how we can help with your digital strategy in the back office, simply get in touch.
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