7th April 2020

ETZ is supporting agencies placing healthcare workers globally through the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

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Special discounted rate for your first 3 months subscription to ETZ for healthcare recruitment agencies

A salute to ‘heroes’ in the truest sense of the word

Musicians aboard Titanic playing on as the ship sank beneath them. Infantrymen going over the top in the trenches of World War One. Firefighters running into the Twin Towers on 9/11.
There are many comparisons between the actions of healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the deeds of others that have faced mortal danger.
The many accounts of the personal experiences of healthcare workers have highlighted a woeful lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), fuelling great anxiety and fear. Underlining the gravity of the situation, there is the growing list of frontline medics that have succumbed to the virus. Nevertheless, in the face of such risk, it seems that medical and support staff have selflessly continued to try to provide life-saving treatment to the sick.
The trend for self-promotion, exaggeration and misuse of language on social media may have devalued the word ‘hero’ and the concept of heroism. However, right around the world, the efforts of healthcare workers in the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic are being acknowledged by public rounds of applause.
Such expressions of solidarity, appreciation and admiration can only be interpreted as a heartfelt salute to those who are heroes in the truest sense of the word.

Supporting agencies to meet increased healthcare worker demand

ETZ is playing a significant role in meeting the needs of the many recruitment agencies specialising in healthcare staffing.
Travelling to a place of work increases the risk of becoming infected by at least six times for those using public transport. So, even if your agency supplying vital healthcare staff makes your business ‘essential’, who really wants to go to work in the office?
ETZ is in the cloud and online, providing agency back office staff with the ability to work anytime, anyplace, including from home. With our software, you can reduce the risk of infection by following the ‘stay home’ advisory and working through any period of self-isolation that may arise from your living arrangements.
With ETZ’s end-to-end timesheet to payment services, your monthly agency back office processes work tirelessly, ensuring the healthcare workers you supply are paid on time, eliminating one main source of financial anxiety.
As you work tirelessly to place healthcare workers in the front line you need to ensure that your agency has a solution to process timesheets, take care of back office admin and send invoices out to make certain that your contractors and your agency gets paid on time. Hiring staff to do this is a time consuming and costly exercise and therefore the smart way is a back office solution that can handle exponential growth.

A British tech company for healthcare recruitment around the world

ETZ is a British tech company, helping healthcare recruitment agencies around the world meet some of the staffing challenges posed by the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.
ETZ’s timesheet to payment solution has been perfected over twenty years of working with some of the most innovative and progressive recruitment teams around the world. We continue to develop it, through listening to our clients and making sure it remains in step with the way the recruitment industry works today.
ETZ can support any type of paper or digital timesheet format and related business process workflow. It is flexible and agile, capable of adapting to the way your recruitment function operates, eliminating the need to change the way you do things.

Special discounted rate for your first 3 months subscription to ETZ for healthcare recruitment agencies

It’s a difficult time for businesses as we all try to adapt to a world that is turned on its head and act to limit the immediate damage resulting from the epidemic. Going forward, it is difficult to plan ahead for the short term as there are many question marks as to how long the threat is going to persist. But it will end and normality will return.
In the meantime, to help agencies specialising in healthcare staffing, we’re reducing the cost of ETZ by offering a special discounted rate for the first 3 months of annual subscription.
Right now, we figure that agencies specialising in healthcare staffing, that are helping to provide a response to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, could do with as much support as possible.
To find out more simply contact us today. Call us on +61 (0) 405 458 858 or email: hello@etzpayments.com

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