1st March 2021

6 ways to onboard new temps that are working remotely


The last 12 months have driven a rapid shift towards home working, and many companies are planning to continue remote operations even after the pandemic. But while current staff members have adapted to online processes, it’s still hard to virtually onboard new starters – especially when they are temporary staff.

As a recruitment agency, you have an important role to play in helping temp and fixed term contract workers settle into a new job quickly. Plus, there are many pre-employment compliance checks that your team is responsible for, which now need to be coordinated online.

To help your clients onboard contract staff in the remote working environment, we’ve put some top tips together. This way, you can embed successful candidates into your client’s business as quickly as possible, so they can add immediate value.

1. Set up online document signing services

Your first and most important job in the onboarding process is getting the contract signed! Many recruitment agencies still send out paper copies, but postal replies are slow and not particularly secure.

The quickest way to make sure temporary and fixed term contract workers are ready to get going is by using online document signing software, which allows them to auto-sign multiple copies in a few clicks. In addition to speeding up the onboarding process, it’s safer and more environmentally friendly.

2. Make it easy to upload and share paperwork

Getting a temp worker role-ready is an admin heavy process, and you’re under pressure to complete everything quickly. But it’s hard to get hold of essential documents such as ID, references and industry certifications when you can’t meet face-to-face.

Setting up an online compliance system is the simplest way to run remote onboarding, and prepare critical information relating to your candidate. Look for recruitment software with a built-in portal, where you and the contractor can both upload paperwork, ticking each requirement off your list as you go.

The great thing about remote onboarding is that any member of your team can view an online system and chase candidates for missing assets.

3. Get your client to create an induction pack

Your reputation rests on the calibre of your candidates, so help temporary and fixed term contract staff to get off to a flying start. Work with your client to set up an online induction process, giving agency staff all the information they require.

As part of onboarding, it’s helpful if your client prepares an induction pack containing background on the business, further details on the role or project, an introduction to important people and an overview of company culture and guidelines. The earlier you can get this over to the contractor, the better.   

4. Book in a welcome call

Just because someone has chosen a remote role, doesn’t mean they don’t value face-to-face contact! Help your clients to structure a new starter’s first week by booking in a series of ‘welcome’ video calls.

This is a great opportunity for temporary staff to meet permanent employees, in order to foster a climate of collaboration. If they’re going to be part of a team, scheduling a group Zoom or Teams call can start to build chemistry.

5. Assign them a buddy

In the physical office environment, temporary and fixed term contract workers often form connections with experienced staff, turning to them for everyday queries. Contractors might not need to know where the toilets are or where the teabags are kept when working from home, but they’ll still want to know things like where to find files, or the etiquette for communicating with colleagues and customers.

To help temps settle in remotely, why not recommend that your client finds them a ‘buddy’ to support the onboarding process? It’s likely they’ll have a lot of questions! 

6. Ask for feedback

Your main objective is to create a smooth, efficient online onboarding system that get contract workers settled in quickly as possible – and there’s always room for improvement.

Check in with successful applicants throughout their placement and ask them for honest feedback about how they’ve settled in, and if there’s anything more you could have done. Ideally, you want to hear that temps and fixed term staff are getting on great, as it will build trust with your client. However, if it’s not going well, you can help them tackle early problems.

Or, if the worst scenario happens and it doesn’t work out, you can update their details on your recruitment CRM system and start looking for alternative roles. Smart recruiters find new opportunities in every situation – even if that means finding an alternative contract worker.

ETZ’s ultimate recruitment tech stack includes built-in compliance tools, so you can manage contracts online and onboard temporary quickly, easily and remotely. Book a free demo to find out more.

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