6th March 2023

AI and recruitment: The law needs to catch up


Policies, frameworks and guidelines need to catch up fast!

Many people have been astonished at the capabilities of the latest advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) text and speech recognition technologies. ChatGPT has not been stealing all the headlines, as both Microsoft and Google have been quick to enter the fray.

A range of business sectors and use cases are already incorporating the use of such tools into their practice and processes, including brainstorming, project management, software coding, marketing, and recruiting.

Some observers are terming the current hysteria around chatbots a ‘gold rush’; however, the development and deployment of AI tech, in general, is unregulated, and there is a need for oversight and control.

The power and speed with which this technology works are both significant and remarkable. In short, there is a clash between the increasing capability of AI and the ethics of using such technology. Where is this headed?

This is a complex issue that raises several important questions. As AI continues to advance, it is important to consider the ethical implications of its use, particularly in areas such as privacy, bias, and accountability.

To address these concerns, there is growing interest in the development of ethical frameworks and guidelines for the use of AI. These frameworks seek to establish clear standards for the development and deployment of AI systems, with a clear focus on transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Chatbot gold rush and AI RecTech

Technology advancement and the disruptive forces that sometimes accompany it have a habit of forging ahead. Often massive opportunities to interfere in a market are created because new technology sidesteps existing laws and rules. The ‘chatbot gold rush’ in general and AI RecTech may represent such a scenario.

Policy-making is flat-footed – it takes many years before policymakers can act, and in the meantime, the advantage is seized, markets are disrupted and sometimes fortunes are made. A prime example is that, despite more than a decade of wrangling, there is still a lack of regulation over the control of harmful content on social media.

If not sufficiently controlled, the potential for misuse or careless use of AI RecTech to create problems is significant. Alongside policy-makers, industry leaders and experts need to quickly get on the front foot.

Key areas of focus for AI RecTech policies and frameworks

There are several laws and policy areas that should be developed and implemented to ensure that AI is used ethically in recruitment and HR. Some key areas are:

Ultimately, a combination of legal and ethical frameworks is required to ensure that AI RecTech doesn’t get too far ahead of any control mechanism.

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