15th February 2021

Are the digital industries 2021’s biggest job growth market?


Good recruiters always spot the next big opportunity – and when it comes to 2021’s job market, the digital industries are looking like a major growth hotspot.

In the current challenging climate, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the game. The quicker your agency can find digital services firms on a rapid growth trajectory, and the closer you can meet their requirements, the better positioned you’ll be to thrive in the next 12 months.

A globally blossoming job market

All over the world, prospects in the digital sector are heating up. In recent weeks, technology giants have announced ambitious recruitment plans. This includes Siemens Digital Industries division, which wants to significantly strengthen its graduate and internship programmes.

There are other interesting examples of companies focussing on technology in 2021. The Croatian government has launched a ‘digital nomad’ visa scheme in the hope that talented professionals will settle in the country. Google has also noticed growing demand for independent digital service providers, with web development freelancers top of the list.

In addition to a blossoming job market, the role of digital skills in traditional jobs is gaining momentum. In 2020, Microsoft pledged to increase the digital capabilities of 25 million people worldwide, after seeing how COVID-19 influenced the way we work. In the UK meanwhile, Innovate UK has just announced over £5 million in grant support for businesses who want to tackle ambitious technology-led projects.

These opportunities are music to the ears of recruitment agencies, especially at a time when many reliable industries aren’t focused on hiring. However, maximising potential will mean moving quickly – and finding the strongest possible candidates for each role.

Put energy before experience

In order to connect clients with candidates in the digital services space, your recruitment team needs to understand the skills required within each business. The type of qualifications, capabilities and soft skills that companies are looking for is changing – especially with a generation of digital natives leaving school and university and entering the job market.

As we spoke about in a recent blog post on graduate recruitment, the right candidate is no longer the person with the longest CV. It’s the person with the right expertise and an aptitude for learning and adapting. The digital industries are young and constantly evolving, so recruitment agencies need to focus on applicants’ strengths, rather than their length of experience.

The simplest way for recruiters to integrate incoming opportunities with your available talent pool is to run all enquiries through a recruitment CRM system. Choosing a system that can categorise contacts by keyword will enable you to create shortlists based on skills, providing clients with a diverse but relevant spectrum of candidates to interview.

Technology-led, dynamically run

In addition to changing the way you search for the right people, your agency also needs to look closely at internal processes. The digital industries are technology-led and dynamically run; they want to collaborate with recruitment agencies which behave in the same way.

Too many recruiters are wasting valuable time on back-office admin like managing timesheets, coordinating invoicing and payroll, and running complex compliance and onboarding programmes – all of which take team members away from finding fresh talent. The less time your recruiters spend on low value tasks, the better-quality service they can deliver for clients.

We know this, because ETZ is already helping recruitment agencies to streamline operations and save agency cost by up to 85%. Less admin and lower back-office costs are giving ambitious recruiters the opportunity to go after new market opportunities – and nurture the talent needed for these roles.

ETZ is the ultimate recruitment tech stack. For integrated back-office, payroll and CRM software, speak to a consultant

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