1st August 2022

Beyond timesheets: Using your data and getting better value using RecTech in your agency


Digital transformation and RecTech

It used to be the case that one of the messiest parts of running a recruitment agency was timesheets. Paper-based processes are untidy, time-consuming and costly.

Eliminating paper is one of the key drivers of digital transformation and this has enabled many businesses that supply temporary staff to minimise the use of paper for timesheet-related processes.

However, while there may be many timesheet solutions to choose from, digital transformation reaches into other aspects of the recruitment agency’s back office. It’s really about data and RecTech (recruitment technology), the digital tools that enable agencies to simplify and reduce costs across multiple processes.

The fundamental question is whether you get value for money from your investment in RecTech. When selecting a timesheet solution for the first time, or perhaps considering making the switch to a different one, agencies need to look beyond timesheets.

Here are three key characteristics to look for in a timesheet solution provider that helps recruitment businesses obtain better value from data and RecTech investment.

1. More than timesheets

Timesheets should be an entry point into a way of working where data is a central consideration for everything you do in your agency. When looking at an agency process, ask yourself whether it can be digitised and what can be done with the data. For example, timesheets, client invoices and candidate payroll are closely related. Your timesheet solution needs to use its data to simplify and drive invoicing and payroll.

Also, think about whether your timesheet solution provider can solve other recruitment agency issues. For instance, compliance is another major back office headache. Tracking candidate documentation such as identity, certification and right to work can be a minefield, where clerical errors may mean compliance failure and a breach of employment law. Could technology solve this?

Another key area is data analytics. Analysing data from across your business is an excellent way of identifying and understanding trends, efficiencies and opportunities. Your agency has front office as well as back office systems. Quite often the data from different systems sit in silos that are not connected. And you may not want to connect them, or it may be costly to do so. Could a specialist recruitment back office solution provider bring these datasets together for analysis without connecting systems?

2. Consultative approach

When you engage with a prospective service provider, it’s not just about timesheets. It’s really about recruitment back office solutions. To fully pay off on this so that you get the best value, the best type of recruitment software company should have a consultative approach from day one. As a value-added supplier, a good software company should engage and take the time to truly understand the needs of your agency.

A good service provider should offer assistance with key aspects, such as cleaning and loading data and providing value-added services, such as customising the system to meet your needs. Training, knowledge transfer and good account management are all hallmarks of a consultative approach.

3. Partner, not just supplier

From day one, you need to see that your timesheet software service provider is a partner to your business, and not just another supplier. Consultative engagement and a strong emphasis on ongoing customer service and support are also attributes of a good partner.

Once you’ve signed up, some software companies just want to keep you at arm’s length. They’ll minimise engagement by hiding behind email, webforms and chat. They’ll make support something of a self-service exercise, where they give you resources such as FAQs to work through to fix things yourself. When it’s a business-critical service like timesheets, invoicing and payroll, it’s best to avoid companies that promote this approach.

Get value from your data and RecTech when you partner with ETZ

ETZ provides RecTech tools that enables recruitment agencies to reap the benefits of digital transformation, while obtaining better value from data and RecTech.

Our leading timesheet, invoicing and payment solution, and complementary Caspian business intelligence platform are purpose-built for the recruitment industry. ETZ Comply makes sure onboarding and documentation are handled properly.

With a full range of onboarding, implementation and technical services, you can be sure your business-critical processes and recruitment back office functions are all properly supported. To find out more, call us on +61 (0) 405 458 821 or book a demo

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