29th June 2022

Is your recruitment agency using the wrong software?


What’s the big deal about software for recruitment agencies?

The software market is a little bewildering. No matter what industry you are in, the ‘app culture’ that surrounds our use of smartphones and other mobile devices seems to mean that ‘there’s an app for that.’ The main source of bewilderment is that there is so much software for recruitment agencies to choose from.

For industries, like recruitment, an entire segment of the software industry now exists, with the most successful companies specialising in meeting the needs of recruiters with tailored solutions.

The globalised nature of business means that the best software packages are able to support global recruiters operating on the international stage across multiple territories such as EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

For use in Australia, recruitment software needs to support the Australian tax system and Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  requirements for reporting, as well as applicable employment laws.

What software do recruitment agencies use?

Based on the core processes that underpin temporary recruitment, it is possible to categorise temporary recruitment agency software.

It is worth noting that the boundaries between categories can be blurred because many specialist applications have been designed with the recruitment line of business in mind. This means they may cut across category boundaries, so ATS may be blended with CRM.

Similarly, the close relationship between timesheets, invoicing and payments means that there are opportunities to condense these three functions using specialised recruitment back office software.

Make sure you use the right software for recruitment agencies with ETZ

The main consideration about whether you are using the right or the wrong temporary recruitment software is whether you are using an app designed for the recruitment industry. Generally, the best ones will have been purpose-built for recruitment. Those that are designed as general purpose tools that are then customised by service providers or end user companies for their own purposes are best avoided.

ETZ’s leading timesheet, invoicing and payment platform is purpose-built to streamline the recruitment back office. To find out more about releasing efficiency in the back office and unleashing the potential of your agency data, call us on +61 (0) 405 458 821 or book a demo.

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