20th March 2023

Improving agency efficiency: Integrating expense management with timesheets


Tracing development of admin efficiency in recruitment

Before the development of the personal computer (PC), clerical admin for recruitment businesses was a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that relied heavily on manual tasks and paper-based systems. While there were some technological advancements, such as the electric typewriter and photocopiers, it was the arrival of the PC that really changed the game, revolutionising clerical admin by automating many tasks and significantly improving the efficiency of administrative work.

Once the PC arrived there was no turning back, as digital innovation and process refinement drove a steady flow of continual improvement:

You might be forgiven for thinking that with sophisticated AI tools now being the primary point of focus for the process of search and selection, everything else in the day-to-day running of a recruitment agency would have been nailed down tight when it came to efficiency. However, there is still the potential for some areas to get overlooked.

Integrating timesheets with expense management

Today’s recruitment agencies are dynamic, fast-paced organisations that need to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Two of the essential tasks are managing timesheets and expenses. However, many agencies manage these tasks separately, which invites inefficiency and errors. ETZ integrates expense management with timesheets, improving the efficiency of your recruitment agency through:

To learn more about ETZ integrated timesheets and expense management, book your demo today!

Timesheets PLUS Expenses for a more efficient back office with ETZ

ETZ’s leading ETZ’s leading timesheet and invoicing solution streamlines the back office processing of your recruitment agency. Our complementary solutions, ETZ Comply for onboarding and document management, and Caspian for business intelligence, give agencies further capability to streamline and uncover opportunities. To find out more, call us on +61 (0) 405 458 821 or book a demo.

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